Monday, 14 May 2012

Essie at DM

First display I've seen at a DM, gosh it's so pretty.. I wanted to buy some polishes sooooooo badly.. *g*

It's so tempting! But I resisted. :-)



Melody of Beauty said...

I can't believe it????? OMG! <3

C said...


I have been reading your blog for a while now and i find your entries very informative! FYI: beim Bipa gibt's jetzt -20% auf alle Essies! Kannst 2,00 sparen... ;-)


Guinevere said...

Thanks so much C - that means a lot to me!!!
I know about the offer and it's pretty hard to NOT buy anything.. *g*

Reklamedame said...

bei welchem dm ist denn das? habs noch nirgends gefunden!

Guinevere said...

Auhof Center :)

Reklamedame said...

Na geeeeeh, das is ja am ADW! Ich wart lieber bis es in meine Nähe kommt, hab eh in 2 Wochen einen Grund mich zu belohnen!