Thursday, 31 May 2012

Origins A Perfect World BB Cream Review

Hey lovelies,

I recently had the pleasure to test Origins new BB cream. It's a new product Origins just released and I was truly excited. The VitaZing cream always reminded of a BB cream, but it wasn't labelled as such and too orange for me anyway. Here's how their BB cream looks:

Well, when I opened it I was kinda shocked. It looks really quite dark. It's the shade light/medium and the lightest we (Austria) have:

Of course in the United States they do have a light version.. I knew it!:

I'll never understand who decides which shades we get.. Definitely someone who has never been to Austria. We certainly could use the lightest shade.

I distributed it and surprisingly it adapted quite well:

Let's look at it on my face. 


I REALLY only used a tiny amount. Still, there's a light orange tone to my face. If the lightest shade would be available here I think it would fit perfect.

One day I was in a hurry and used the amount I normally would use and I looked like an orange.. It was so bad I had to wash it off immediately. :-/

It does moisturize very well, even the mini-amount, and that feeling lasts all day, which is amazing. I just wish the tone would work on me.. without needing to really watch how much I apply. I would definitely say it's more a face cream than make up, but it evens out your skin great and not just for one hour. For the whole day!

Check it out, cause it's a great product, just make sure it's really the right tone for you!

This product was given to me for review.


carla5555 said...

Hi, i'm a beauty blogger too and am currently working on a post on BB creams. I have several brands that i'm testing. Thanks for your honest post on the Origins brand. Good to know! I agree, Australians should definitely have lighter shades available. How odd! Anyway, stop by my blog... would love it if you followed! I promise to follow back! xoxo

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