Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Gel Nails Set And First Steps

I love my gel nails and after going to four different places to get refills I decided to do them myself. Except for one woman who wants 37€ for a refill, all the other ones made something wrong and the refills didn't last those three weeks they were supposed to.

Every time I thought "That doesn't look hard and I can do it as well as that.." Another thing is the fact that my nails grow super fast and I would need to get a refill every two weeks..

After finishing my biiiig exam and passed it (yay!!!!) I decided it's appropriate to treat myself for doing so well. So, I went to my favorite nail supply store - MW Nails in the 17th district - and bought a XL starter set which was on sale. 85,90€ instead of 99,90€. Here's the link: *click* A looot of stuff:


I won't use some of the items, like the tips (I prefer using the stencils which you'll see below) and the french gels - I prefer natural looking gel). 

I also got these items:

Another buffer (one always needs those), the stencils, a nail art wheel with fruits, big sized tips for my nail swatches:

I'm sure now you wanna know how I did. Well, I wanna tell you. lol I used this 3 part video for some guidance: *click* It's amazing! And here's the result:

To be honest: I think I did amazing! And if something breaks or lifts I can always fix it. In a nutshell, I'm sooo happy that I bought it. This will save me loads of money. I'm sure with practice everyone can do this. 



Reklamedame said...

Die schaun super aus, nicht so unnatürlich wie man sie oft sieht!

Guinevere said...

ja das war mir ganz wichtig, ich will, dass man nicht sofort sieht, dass es gelnägel sind - es sollen wie meine sein - nur besser gg

Anna said...

ganz ehrlich? schaut auch besser aus als die gelnägel die du dir hast machen lassen, in einem deiner letzten posts.

Simona @LightYourNails said...

Ok, stupid question: is this the permanente gel or the soak-off (like Shellac)?

Guinevere said...

It's permanent gel :)

Thanks Anna, is sicher weil es jetzt zur Gänze meine Nägel drunter sind

K. from drop dead beautiful! said...

You did a great job, Anna is right they look better then the "professional done ones"!