Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I'm back!

Hey my lovelies,

I'm back from London and it was exactly what I needed it to be. Good and bad. This is going to be a really long post. :-)

Our trip was a bit different, I've been to London quite a few times and for me it wasn't so much about sightseeing, more about just being in London. Going through the streets, eating the food, just being a part of London for a short time.

Of course we visited a few places though :-)

Natural History Museum which my fiancé "needed" to see, cause they have a real size T-Rex and blue whale:

I found this much more interesting:

We tried to see the Guard Change, but due to the fucking bad weather it was cancelled, nevertheless we weren't alone:

So, we went to the Cavalry Museum of the Horse Guard, loved it though I feel sorry for the poor horse that has to stand there:


It was a tiny museum, but still cool, not gonna post all the pics here, but this is cool, I wanna have this at my home. *gg*

The classics:


Big Ben (love it!)

Piccadilly Circus

Something cheesy:

Now on to the good stuff. We went shopping *gg*

Several times *gg* of course I went to each Boots and Superdrug, but I didn't take a picture. 

We went to the Warner Bros "The Making Of Harry Potter" Studio Tour, which was the best thing ever, but I'm gonna do a seperate post about it, cause it was so aaaaweeesome. :-)

Some random things I loved seeing

Funny sign:

I love the tube signs and I'm gonna have one in our house!

I truly enjoyed seeing this poster

and this, see the gay couple :-) That's the way it should be

  • It was lovely, but there were some things I hated. The weather was way worse than I expected. 8 degree and constant rain, not the one-time-a-day rain I expected. 
  • The bad water quality messed with our skin, my fiancé and I got weird pimples and red spots in our face.. Not nice! 
  • The underground is not manufactured to transport as many people as travel with it and I was soooo disappointed when we realized the freaking tube starts its service at freaking 7 am on Sunday. 7 am! This is London.. Even ours starts at 5 am.. It was really nice to stand in front of a closed tube station when one has to get to the airport and it rains like there is no tomorrow.  
  • The british people apparently left London.. I heard more french during this week than english and that annoyed me.. Don't get me wrong, I love that language, I mean I studied it for two years at uni, and I have nothing against french people, one of my dear friends is from Paris, but if I'm in England I wanna hear my beloved british accent.. Nevertheless, my fiancé caught me more than once staring at french families just listening to them speaking. Especially the kids, it's so beautiful.
  • It was impossible to find the Illamasqua flagship store.. I tried twice, but gave up each time, cause I was too pissed off after a short while. I ended up visiting the counter at Selfridges to find out which shade of Skinbase is the right for me (6). Of course it was sold out, even at the flagship store.. So, no need to try to look for it anymore. I visited it last time in London anyway. 
What did I love?
  • The products one can purchase gg. The food (which you need a kitchen and especially a microwave for). If you visit London and not just for a weekend, I really recommend getting a self-catering apartment, it makes living and eating much more easier and affordable. This is my absolute favorite:
  • Obviously, the language. 
  • The friendly people. Much more friendly than here. 
  • The variety of people :-) 
If I'm gonna visit London again, it's going to be for a shopping trip. Nothing more. Now on to the stuff that you really wanna see. What I bought *gg*

Yes you see right, the Muji acrylics I wanted for years. I love the person who invented bubble wrap:

Make Up purchases, I'm gonna do a proper post with good lighting soon. Just wanted to show it to you:

I hope you enjoyed the post. Next up is going to be a proper lighted London haul post, nail polish swatches of my recent polish purchases, the Harry Potter post I talked about and a couple more. :-)



Juju said...

Toll :)

Freu mich schon auf die weiteren Berichte, vor allem den Harry Potter :D

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Viktbloggerskan said...

The Illamasqua Flag Ship Store IS hard to find. I happened to stumble upon it last year because I happened to take a wrong turn - unfortunately I had my hubby with me who had just patiently waited for me outside the MAC Pro Store for 30 minutes so I didn't have the heart to make him wait again. Hopefully I can make the same wrong turn this year (going back in July) - I plan to send hubby to some museum and will try to get all my shopping done in a few hours! :-)