Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Making Of Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour

This is not about beauty, this is for my fellow Harry Potter fans. :-) And it's really long and picture heavy! I'm sure you'll like it.

A quick intro:

I've been a fan of the series ever since I read the first book when I was 12. I read it in one day, the next day the second one and one day later the third book. They accompanied me during my teenage years and I followed Harry "until the very end".

I didn't like the movies at first, cause they just couldn't get close to the amazingness of the books, but as soon as I saw them as movies "based" on the books I was able to love them as much as the books.

So when I read at posters in London that Warner Bros opened a studio full of the real sets and props just 20km away from London I couldn't believe my luck.

The disillusion followed right away.. One can't just simply go there and buy a ticket like you do at Disneyland and every other land I know. No, you have to pre-order it online and there is only a certain amount of time slots available when you can enter and when they are full they are full, which means no ticket for you..

Of course no slots during the time of our stay, I wanted to cry.. I checked it again the next day while waiting in front of the Natural History Museum and guess what, one free slot appeared out of nowhere!! So, I called my sister, gave her my card details and she booked it for us. I was over the moon!

Now I'm gonna show you some pictures :-)

The entrance area:

Mute the sound, it's super loud and unnecessary

After the queue, which is not long at all due to the limited visiters, you get in a room with an introduction done by one of the staff members and after that you enter a cinema and see a short movie hosted by the Daniel, Emma and Rupert.

Then the walk-through part starts. You enter through the big door into the Great Hall

The freaking real door and Great Hall!!! 

After that we got in a huuuge hangar where the magic continued *gg* I could show you all pictures, but that would ruin the surprise for those of us who wanna visit it some day. :-)

Make Up Department:

More good stuff:

The animals in the films, sooo sweet!

The outside area which was very unpleasant cause of the pouring rain:

More goodness:

Diagon Alley:

Last, but not least, the huuuuge model of Hogwarts. Exactly at that point my digicam died... So I only have pics made with my phone


Quite a few pictures *gg* I have a ton of them left. Now you get the idea of how awesome it was. For a Harry Potter fan this is heaven. For the others who "just" like the movies it's nice, but like a museum and nothing more - I know, my fiancé told me lol

The tour is 28 pounds and you need to book your tickets in advance. Don't forget! 

I hope you enjoyed my photo report. :-) Next stop: Harry Potter World in Orlando next to the Disneyland!



Juju said...

Wow, ich bin SO neidisch grade... Ich bin zwar auch nicht so begeistert von den Filmen (ich hab einfach viel zu viel auszusetzen ;)), trotzdem bin ich so ein Fangirl und würd jederzeit alles dazu ansehen- Orlando muss auch unbedingt mal sein ^^

Freut mich echt für dich, dass du noch Tickets gekriegt hast :)

Line said...

OMG I just DIED! My mum came in and asked me why I was squeaking so much.. I have to go there. Really. OMFG.

Guinevere said...


Guinevere said...

ich hab noch mehr fotos falls ihr sie sehn wollt, lasst es mich wissen gg

Minimuff__ said...

Hab nur Harry Potter gelesen und schon warst du abonniert! :D

Würd mich freuen wenn du mal bei mir vorbeischauen würdest, ich glaube wir haben ziemlich ähnlichen Geschmack was Kosmetik etc. angeht! :D

Liebe Grüße<3