Thursday, 18 April 2013

Catrice Candy Shock Haul & NOTD

Catrice's Candy Shock LE has been out for a few weeks. Originally, I wanted to get the blush and highlight powder, but after reading some bad reviews and seeing it for myself I walked away with a full wallet. 

Actually, I didn't buy anything, but my sister did. :-) I saw the "Candy Shock" polish on her desk and stole it for some photos. I found it interesting, because of that subtle pink shimmer, but it's SO subtle, I could hardly capture it with my camera even in full sunlight and I didn't see it at all when it was on my nails. When the sun hits it, you get a tiny tiiiiny hint of that pink, but definitely not enough and so it's just a plain pastel colour. 

Nothing special, but unforgiving. These shades always are..

Did you buy polishes from the collection??


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