Friday, 12 April 2013

The ULTIMATE Chai Sirup

My fiancé and I went to Julius Meinl at Graben a week ago, just to stroll around and look at all the cool things from other countries. A guy with a sample plate of chai teas stopped me and asked if I wanna try one. I love chai tea, so why not and I couldn't believe how amazing it tasted.

It was/is a sirup you put in your milk or water and it transforms it into the perfect chai tea. I've been trying to make my own (great tasting) chai tea at home for ages, but never got it right. With this, I just have to put a tablespoon in a glass of milk and voilà!

I was sure it would be from the United States, but guess what - the sirup is made in Vienna created by the company Bros! I wish that would have an impact on the prize.. I payed 13,99€ for this bottle at Meinl, the guy told me I'll get 6 litres out of it. I've seen you can get it at Bottelini for 9,99€.

For me, it was definitely worth it. I know the prize is steep, but when I go to a Starbucks I pay 4€ for one cup. I thought I share this with you, cause I'm sure there are many chai tea fans out there.

If you buy it, let me know what you think. I'm sure you'll love it. Gotta go make myself one now..



krissys_beauty_box said...

You had me at "The ULTIMATE Chai Sirup" I just ordered it and I cant wait for it to get here!!

Guinevere said...

that's sweet :-) I'm sure you'll love it, let me know what you think when you have it!

krissys_beauty_box said...

Ich habe ihn jetzt bekommen, würde dich gerne in meinem Instagram vertaggen. Hast du eins? Wenn ja finde mich bitte unter krissysbeauty.
Ich habe ihn aber noch nicht ausprobiert :) Bin gespannt! said...

Habe ihn mir heute gekauft und finde ihn gut (mit Milch). Aber am liebsten trinke ich den Tiger Spice Chai von David Rio (Pulver mit Wasser), der ist nochmal würziger. LG