Tuesday, 30 April 2013

MAC's Temperature Rising Preview Night

Yesterday, MAC released a bunch of collections and invited to take a peek. I was stuck at University and arrived an hour after the event started and the two products I wanted - the TR nail polishes - were sold out. :-( I'll get them on Thursday!

But let's look at some photos:

Temperature Rising:

Art of the Eye:

and of course some hot men serving snack.

This time they also got a DJ, how cool's that? 

They Fashion Sets were also available, but they didn't have a display for it yet.

Here the two gorgeous nail polishes I want so badly:

How cool are those? Three coats each, without a top coat. I didn't expect them to be so pigmented.

The Temperature Rising LE has a bunch of gorgeous products. I would buy everything if I had the money.

If I wouldn't have to pay back a loan I would buy both blushes, all the shadow pencils, the nail polishes, two bronzers and two lipsticks.
Unfortunately, none of this will happen so it will be only a tiny haul including the nail polishes and eventually a blush. Depending on how responsible I feel on Thursday. *gg*

Art of the Eye has several great products as well, I love bold colours, but I have more than enough eyeshadows and the kohl eye pencils are permanent at the pro stores, so no need to hurry.

What will you get??


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