Sunday, 14 April 2013

Review: CK One Shock Street Edition!

Happy Sunday guys!

This is really cool - I got my first eau de toilettes to review and not just any. The new and limited ck one shock street editions. Oh how I love special and pretty things. *g*

Before I talk about them, let's get ourselves some eye candy. The bottles were designed by two street artists, a talented woman from the Bronx and a hip guy from Spain. I really like the "for him" design, but I loooove the "for her" bottle.

It comes with a normal bottle top and of course you get a spray pump as well.

Now on to the difficult part - describing the scents. I wish I could keep it simple and just say - they both smell great. *gg*

Let's start with the Street Edition for her:

It's a very sweet, floral scent I wouldn't usually go for, but it's not heavy or overpowering when used moderately. It smells really special, a mix between floral notes and caramel. I'm not an expert, but it feels unique.

Details for our experts:
top notes: tangerine, orange, bergamot, a hint of plum
heart notes: caramelised berries and chocolate donut *gg*
base notes: sandalwood, amber, patchouli, musk

Street Edition for him:

My boyfriend stole this as soon as he saw it and wore it every day ever since. :-) For me, it smells fresh, masculine and after it sets a bit you also smell toffee. I love it.

top notes: mojito, cucumber
heart notes: spices, geranium, in cocoa dipped raspberries *gg*
base notes: chocolae-tonka bean, a hint of vanilla and caramel

I can recommend both, they are lovely. The eau de toilette for her is a tad sweet and I wouldn't have bought it, but I'm happy to have it. The scent for him is gorgeous. A perfect gift for your man.

They are limited edition and now available at Douglas. Prices: 50 ml 29,90€ 100ml 39,90€ Thanks again to CK for sending me those.


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Hi, my name is Jorge Fabel Pabon and I designed the artwork "for him". I'm not from Spain. I'm a "Nuyorican" (Puerto Rican born and raised in New York City). Glad you like the product!