Monday, 22 April 2013

Review: Garnier Fructis Schaden Löscher Shampoo & Conditioner

How was your weekend lovelies? Mine was amazing... I have a new place I call home.

This meadow is so cheesy-adorable, it looks like the set from Twilight.

Sadly, once more it's Monday, but let's deal with it with a good review:

I love Garnier and was super happy when I got those two. It's crazy how many different shampoo series you can get and yet there always comes a new one. :-) 

This series is made for long, damaged hair promising to erase and seal spliss and give you healthy, shiny hair.

What do I think?

It smells a bit different than the other Garnier hair products, still fruity, but more subtle. I love the way it foams, it makes my hair feel really clean and you only need tiny amounts of product. The part with the shiny hair is definitely true, it looks and feels soft and glowing afterwards. Love that!

For the spliss effect, personally I don't think it's possible to heal or erase spliss, just like you can't reverse wrinkles, you can lessen the appearence, but that's it. I think with this shampoo it's the same. My hair looks healthy and feels soft, but I don't think my spliss can be erased.

I think this is a great product which can help prevent spliss and help keep your hair shiny and healthy. Definitely, a nice addition to Garniers hair range. 



Chris Tine said...

Bist du jetzt schon nach Retz umgezogen?!? Das Haus ist ja Zuckersüß ;))))) hihi darf ich dich fragen, ob du jetzt weiterhin nach Wien pendeln musst?!?
Machst du ev wieder ein Hochzeitsupdaze?!? Würde mich freuen :) lg Chrisi ( )

Guinevere said...

Fast, leider muss ich noch zu oft auf die Uni und arbeite täglich in einem Büro. Den job kann ich nicht verlieren, besonders da es jetzt einen Kredit zurück zu zahlen gilt. Am Wochenende und wann immer es geht werden wir aber draußen sein.

Ja kann ich geeeern machen!!