Sunday, 28 April 2013

Wedding Update

It's been a while since I talked about my wedding and I read you are interested. :-)

I finally found affordable or let's say it - cheap - white shoes. I'm just not willing to spend 80 bucks for shoes I'll wear one time..

They are pretty basic and were only 19,90€. I hope I'll be able to walk down the meadow, where we'll get married.

We'll marry in front of the Retzer Windmühle. In front of that glass porch.

My maid of honor also started to work on some table decorations, it looks lovely. But I'm still not sure which color our decoration scheme should be..

What do you think??



Chris Tine said...

Danke für das Update!! Die Location ist ja toll! Die Windmühle ist ja soo ein hübsches und friedliches Plätzchen :)))
Lg Chridi

Guinevere said...

kennst du sie??

Chris Tine said...

Ja klar!! Ursprünglich bin ich Waldviertlerin und früher waren wir echt oft dort spazieren oder radeln :))) heiratet ihr im sommer jetzt?!?

Guinevere said...

jep, 17.7.