Sunday, 28 April 2013

Review: Garnier Spitzen Held

Shortly, after Garnier released my beloved Wunder Öl, they came out with this fella named Spitzen Held. It's part of their new anti-spliss series. I already talked about the shampoo & conditioner. :-)

It's a serum for severely damaged hair which you massage in your hair-ends and it seals your spliss and protects it.

My thoughts:

The scent is quite artificial, I don't like that very much. I think it does a good job in moisturizing my hair-ends, but as already mentioned in my other review about the shampoo and conditioner I don't believe any product out there is able to heal or reverse spliss.

I think it helps preventing and it made my hair shiny and nice, which I liked a lot. Nevertheless, I prefer my Wunder Öl (also by Garnier). It smells lovely and does a great job. So, if you need an oil for your hair, I would buy the Wunder Öl. Don't get my wrong, Spitzen Held isn't bad, but I just prefer the other one.


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