Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Review: Maybelline Jade Super Stay 14 H Lipstick

Maybelline Jade released a new range of lipsticks. A development of the 14hours glosses that feel like you're wearing nail varnish on your lips.

I'm gonna put it short - I love them, but they come with some tiny drawbacks. Before I'll go into detail, I'll show you some photos.

I got the shade "Infinitely Fuchsia". A bright, cool pink, a lovely colour!

Now to the review:

Maybelline says it lasts 14 hours, is comfortable to wear, doesn't dry out your lips and doesn't have this typical "'crumbling" when fading. And guess what, I actually agree, mostly, but let's go into detail:

The first thing that blew me away was the colour pay-off. It's amazing, like a MAC lipstick. You put it one and get full coverage in one coat. I love that!

It is longlasting, but if you eat and drink normally, you won't get 14 hours. You get 7 hours which is still pretty amazing. This is after three hours after eating some snacks.

I applied it, but had some transfer when I tried it on my arm.

You really have to tissue-off the excess product: After that it's perfect, of course this does take away the little shine the lipstick has. I like matte lipsticks, but if you want other finishes that won't satisfy you. You'll need some gloss:

It wasn't particularly drying, but I wouldn't call it moisturizing. It's okay and after you get away the excess product it really does feel like you're wearing nothing.

Another thing I loved is that the lipstick stayed where I put it, literally. It didn't bleed or anything. I didn't use a lipliner, but it didn't move one inch. Incredible. 

After seven hours and dinner, it was gone, but not in that crumbly way, it faded away like normal lipsticks do:

All in all, I can savely say that I love it. I think I found the lipstick (not that shade) that I'll wear on my wedding day. I don't have to worry that it moves which is always a big concern for me, it won't give my fiancé lipstick stains and it will last. And let's be honest, I can alway reapply after I ate.

I really recommend it. There are ten mostly bright shades. I don't know if the others have the same colour pay-off, but I think so. I will try it for you. It's a great product and definitely worth the 12,99€. 


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